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After Camperdown

The school is committed to preparing both students and parents for a successful outplacement to a more traditional classroom setting. Either the school administration or the parents can initiate discussions about a student’s readiness to explore other educational options.

Understanding the Outplacement Process

The discussion about outplacement begins when a student starts their Camperdown journey. A Camperdown Academy education provides students with the confidence and learning strategies necessary to experience success in a classroom. Students are most often enrolled for three or four years before returning to a mainstream environment.

The Role of the Outplacement Coordinator

1. Advise families regarding the timing of the outplacement process
2. Inform families about educational options post-Camperdown
3. Support families as they make the transition to a new school


Continued Success

Students experience success post-Camperdown in a wide variety of classroom settings. 
Approximately 60% go to a public school, while 35% choose private, and the remainder choose homeschool or a hybrid program.

Students successfully transition to area schools including:

Christ Church Episcopal
Greenville Middle
Clemson Elementary
Southside Christian
Beck International
Pine Street Elementary
Greer Middle College
Eastside High
Langston Charter
Oakbrook Prep
Greenville High
Mitchell Road Christian 
Augusta Circle Elementary
Hampton Park Christian 
Mauldin High
Sara Collins Elementary
Upstate Homeschool Co-op
…and many others