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Alumni Success

Did You Know?


3.4 average number of years students attend Camperdown Academy             

Alumni Graduation Rate


High School



After 3 years at Camperdown Academy, students move from             
below-average to average in reading ability (Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests, average growth)      

Where do students go when they leave Camperdown?
Public/Charter school


Private school





Post-Camperdown school surveys reflect that Camperdown students are           
often performing ABOVE grade-level expectations

Alumni Feedback


“Camperdown enabled me to not worry about my learning issues. They did a great job of highlighting
that many successful people have had learning disabilities to overcome.”

“Every single day, I thank Camperdown for the fact that I’m able to draft a complete sentence and
communicate effectively in writing.”

“Understanding what type of learner I am, and how to be an advocate about my learning disability,
changed how I was able to finish high school and college.”

“I don’t think I could have gotten through high school or even into college without Camperdown