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Academic Overview

Laying the Foundation for Academic Acheivement
Celebration, Belonging, and Success
Camperdown Academy celebrates bright dyslexic students who learn differently because their brains are wired differently. Other schools have unintentionally taught  our students what they cannot do; we intentionally highlight what they can. Students  are able to achieve when strengths are celebrated and weaknesses appropriately addressed. A weekly schoolwide assembly promotes a family atmosphere, while a growth mindset approach to learning eases anxiety that has often developed from a  perception of failure and lack of self-worth.
Homework Policies
Students, not parents, have responsibility for completing homework. The parents’ only role is to ensure that students attempt each assignment. An afternoon study hall during 7th period allows time for students to begin each day’s homework or to meet with teachers for additional practice. Teachers assign homework they are confident students can complete independently. If students happen to encounter difficulty, they are taught to advocate for themselves by contacting the teacher directly prior to 9pm for guidance.

Schoolwide Organization System
Students have a color-coded notebook for each class, and every paper has a heading that indicates its proper location within the notebook. Homeroom period each morning is devoted to organizing materials for the day. A consistent organizational structure helps alleviate stress and confusion while boosting productivity.

Grades Structure
Camperdown places students into groups rather than grades. Groups allow student placements to be determined by a student’s academic profile of strengths and weaknesses rather than his/her chronological age.
Traditional School
Camperdown Academy
First grade A Group
Second grade C Group
Third grade Am Group
Fourth grade Star Group
Fifth grade D Group
Sixth grade E Group
Seventh grade M Group
Eighth grade Y Group