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Fast Facts

  • Camperdown Academy is one of the few schools in the country that is accredited by the Orton-Gillingham Academy as both a training and teaching institution.
  • Dyslexic students served by Camperdown Academy have achieved a 98.8% high school graduation rate, far exceeding both national and South Carolina rates of graduation for students with learning differences which are 68.6% and 56.5% respectively.
  • The overall student to teacher ratio at Camperdown Academy is 3:1.
  • Class sizes range from 6-10 students for primary and cap at 12 students for lower and middle school.
  • 100% of teachers on staff have received Orton-Gillingham training.
  • One in five students has a language-based learning disability such as dyslexia, but less than one-third of those children are receiving appropriate school services for their disability.
  • Youth with untreated dyslexia are more likely than their non-dyslexic peers to become unemployed, underemployed, or incarcerated.

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