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How does Camperdown communicate the value of dyslexia?

Camperdown teaches students to celebrate differences. We teach the value of individual strengths. We help foster growth in an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and where students learn to love learning.


What is the Orton-Gillingham approach?

Orton-Gillingham (OG) is a multi-sensory approach used by trained professionals. It is a diagnostic and prescriptive way of teaching directly and explicitly. Lessons are individualized, structured, sequential, and cumulative.


What are the benefits of an OG immersion program versus OG tutoring?

Choosing a full-time immersion program provides consistent OG instruction throughout the school day. When multiple weaknesses exist, the full-day exposure to OG is more beneficial than 2-3 hours a week of tutoring.


What is the class size and student-to-teacher ratio?

The student-to-teacher ratio is 3:1. Content classes for 3rd-8th grade average no more than 12 students. Class sizes are smaller in the primary grades.


How does Camperdown foster and facilitate social development?

Students are given structured opportunities to learn appropriate social interactions through teacher-led peer group discussions, cross-grade interdisciplinary units, one-on-one sessions with a school counselor as needed, and extra-curricular events.


How much homework is typical? 

Teachers try to limit homework to 10-15 minutes per subject area in reading, writing, and math. Parents are asked to not help with homework. Students are taught to advocate for themselves by contacting a teacher during the evening for help if there is a question.


How many years does a child usually attend Camperdown Academy?

The average amount of years a student spends at Camperdown is 2-4 years. When staff and parents feel it is appropriate, the Transitions Director will guide the parents in choosing the best placement for the child as well as provide suggestions for necessary accommodations. Our students have succeeded in all areas: public, private, charter, and homeschool.


Why does Camperdown exclusively teach cursive?

Cursive helps with writing fluency, letter spacing, and reversals. All students are taught cursive at Camperdown beginning in 1st grade.


What is the Arrowsmith Program that Camperdown offers through its Cognitive Classroom?

The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive “brain-training” tool employed by Camperdown to identify and strengthen students’ weaker cognitive capacities. The repetitive exercises used in the program will increase students’ capacity for learning and improve their acquisition of academic skills.


Does Camperdown have a dress code?

The dress code is solid color khaki-style pants with a solid color collared shirt. Girls may wear a solid color skirt or solid color collared dress.