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Dyscalculia Tips & Tools - June 5 from 9-11am


Helping the Struggling Math Student

This workshop will explain dyscalculia, and discuss areas of common impact on math instruction. Participants will learn how to recognize struggling students and be taught multisensory strategies that improve understanding and retention. Hands-on practice will be applied to various math skills. 
This workshop is intended for those working with K-5th grade students. 

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Multisensory Instruction - June 12 from 9-11am

Targeting the Elementary Classroom

Unsure how or why instruction ought to be multisensory? This workshop walks through the modalities (VAKT) and why the simultaneous use of those modalities benefits all students in the classroom. A variety of examples will be demonstrated, followed by participants brainstorming how they might directly apply this knowledge to their classroom setting. 
This workshop is intended for those working with K-5th grade students.     

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Phonemic Awareness - June 18 from 9-11am

Make and Take Resource Kits

This “Make and Take” manipulatives workshop affords participants an opportunity to learn how to apply multisensory strategies to building phonemic awareness. Each attendee will walk away with a collection of tactile tools and knowledge of how to use each manipulative to better engage students in letter/sound awareness and knowledge.
This workshop is intended for those working with K-3rd grade students.

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Vocabulary Strategies - June 27 from 9-11am

Practical Ideas for Immediate Use

Vocabulary knowledge is recognized as a core component of reading comprehension, but how can vocabulary skill be fostered? This workshop walks step-by-step through selecting vocabulary to teach, introducing words with student-friendly techniques, promoting active processing for understanding and transfer, and providing multiple exposures to promote long-term retention. Teachers will leave with multiple ideas for immediate use.
This workshop is intended for those working with 1st-8th grade students. 

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