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It has been just over 10 years since I left Camperdown! I graduated from the University of South Carolina several years ago, and I'm working my way up the corporate ladder at a great company called Techtronic Industries.
- Proud Alumna, Tyler Dale
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Where would we be without Camperdown?

Our son, Cole, has dyslexia. And while that learning difference can come with many gifts, the challenges are huge! We have to learn to read so we can read to learn. When the letters on a page fail to make any sense to your child, it is a problem. For our family, Camperdown Academy is the solution.

- Proud Parents, Al & Traci Willimon

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In February of '07 we took a nervous little boy to a 2nd grade classroom at Camperdown Academy. Within a month, the change in him was amazing. We saw him blossom! Six years later, he was readyf or high school. He took Honors English and made A's. He has excelled in his computer design class and even tackled German. All of this is thanks to Camperdown and the wonderful people there.

- Proud Grandmother, Valerie J. Hare

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